Are you fluent in English and Spanish? Do you like to help people and are interested in working in the health and/or human services field? Or perhaps you are simply looking to add a skill to your resume? If so, then the Certificate in Health and Human Services may be right for you!

One of the fastest-growing needs of the health community is for qualified and professionally trained Spanish/English interpreters. These professionals must have a strong understanding and grasp of both languages, be able to navigate the particulars of Hispanic and American Culture, all the while maintaining a high grasp of both clinical and common Spanish/English medical terminology.

The Interpreting Program offers a certificate of completion. To obtain the certificate, students will need to complete one introductory HRD course, five classes (a total of 224 hours--with a completion grade of "B" or better, and 30-hours of volunteer coursework with one of our partner facilities. Classes can be taken face-to-face or online.

Interpreting in Health and Human Services Program Course Pathway:

  1. HRD: Introduction to Interpreting in Health and Human Services (HRD-3003IH)
  2. Interpreting: National Standards and Practices (FLI-3700NS)
  3. Interpreting: Spanish/English Medical Terminology (MED-3235ST)
  4. Interpreting: Spanish/English Advanced Grammar (FLI-3700AG)
  5. Interpreting: Case Studies and Translator Lab (FLI-3700TL)
  6. Interpreting: Interpreting Lab and Professional Skills (FLI-3700IL)
Language Prerequisite: Students who wish to join the Interpreting in Health and Human Services program must already be fluent in both spoken and written Spanish/English. This program is meant to refine those preexisting skills into the professional ones students will need to find employment in Spanish/English interpreting in the healthcare field.


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