Course Description

You have taken the 4-hour defensive driving class, learned the skills...and received another traffic citation. In this 8-hour intensive course, you will take a second, deeper dive into the root causes behind your driving behavior, and what advanced changes you will need to implement to become that much safer behind the wheel. Completion of this course may also help reduce the impact of this newest citation on your driving record. As with Defensive Driving (4 Hours) [SEF-3001D4], this class is more about the behavioral psychology of driving--this is not a driving safety course.

This is NOT a drivers education course for those seeking a driver's license.


***Prospective students need not have been issued a citation or have been court-mandated into attendance in order to register for this class. However, they must have completed Defensive Driving (4 Hours) [SEF-3001D4] prior to enrolling.***  

Learner Outcomes

At the end of class, students will be presented with a special certificate issued through the National Safety Council (NCS). This certificate may then be presented to the courts, an insurance company, and/or another legal entity representing the area where a student received their citation as proof of successful completion which may then lessen the impact of an infraction on a student's driving record.


Certificates of Completion: Students will NOT be able to generate or print a certificate of completion through their personal portal for this course as they will be presented with a special certificate issued by the National Safety Council (NSC) at the conclusion of the class.


Prerequisite Course: You must have previously taken and passed Defensive Driving (4 Hours) [SEF-3001D4] before registering for this class. 

Minimum Age Restriction: You must be 26 years or older to sign up for this class. Students below this age limit will need to enroll in Alive at 25 [SEF-3001AT].

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Defensive Driving (8 Hours)
8:00AM to 5:00PM
Aug 17, 2024
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  • West Campus
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Tuition Cost non-credit $100.00
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CAPS_Fee $5.00 Mandatory
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Feb 26, 2024 to Aug 17, 2024
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No transfer request allowed after enrollment
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Aug 17, 2024 to Aug 17, 2024
  • Michael Carico
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