Course Description

This course expands on the foundations of watercolor. Equipped with a preexisting understanding of the basic techniques, students will delve a little deeper into the medium to grow their watercolor practice. The course will cover a variety of techniques and study different styles of watercolor painting. Students will further expand their ability by practicing painting different subjects. Class time will be utilized to work on both guided and individual projects--with plenty of opportunity for one-on-one time with the instructor. Through demonstrations, class exercises, and individual painting time, students will grow a deeper understanding of the medium and be able to apply it to their own works. 

Learner Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, students will have further honed their skills and refined their personal style in the watercolor medium.


Required Supplies: Cold press watercolor paper (140 lb.), preferred watercolor tubes or pans, white ceramic dinner plate or pallet, pencils, eraser, ruler, round brush (various sizes/3, 6, 9 recommended), 1" flat brush, 1/2" flat angle brush, stiff board or similar to mount paper to (i.e. sturdy cardboard or canvas panel), masking tape, and masking fluid. 

Suggested Supplies (Not Required): White gel pen, fine tipped black ink pen, and/or a tube of white gouache. .

Certificates of Completion: Students will be able to generate and print a certificate of completion for the course, through their personal portal, upon satisfactory completion of the class.

High School/Minor Students: If you are currently enrolled in high school AND/OR are 17 years of age or younger wishing to register, you will need to do so by contacting the Student Care Team at (336) 734-7718 as certain restrictions may apply.


Prerequisite Advisory: It is strongly advised that students either previously have complete Painting: Watercolor (CSP-4000PW) or have a basic grasp of the techniques associated with watercolor painting before registering for this course.

PLEASE CHECK BACK LATER: New sections of this course should be available for registration soon.

For questions, please contact our Student Care Team at 336-734-7718.

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